About Morgan Scully
Certified Equine Gestaltist™

Morgan was born in San Antonio, TX and lived most of her early life in Houston, TX. She spent her childhood dancing from ballet to the school dance team. Morgan had a life long goal of attending Texas A&M University and studying to become a pediatric psychiatrist. After her first semester there, she decided that the licensed counselor route was more appropriate for her and switched her major to psychology. She graduated with honors in 2006 and promptly started her masters at Sam Houston State University. Morgan completed the Licensed Professional Counselor track with a goal of becoming a registered play therapist after graduation. In December of 2007 she graduated with her masters and got married. This started her life as a military spouse. Morgan has seen first hand the unique challenges the military can pose for not only the military members themselves, but just as importantly for the military dependents. This personal connection to those who serve and their families is what led Morgan to specialize in PTSD and the struggles it can bring for the families as well.

Morgan first fell in love with horses when her oldest daughter started horseback riding lessons. Being around the horses each week led to a noticeable change in Morgan’s mood and that is when she began to connect the dots. Knowing that equine therapy was a growing industry she began to research the best way for her to combine these incredible animals with her passion for mental health. That is when Morgan found Touched by a Horse and for the first time she knew she had found her calling in life. She took a big leap of faith and applied, and before she had time to think about what she did, she was accepted and on the path to become a light worker bringing light to the darkness in your life.

After six short months in the program the first part of Morgan’s vision began to manifest when Trixie (above) found her way into the Scully family. Trixie quickly captured the entire family’s hearts, and Morgan saw how amazing this little mare would be as her partner in healing.  And then with perfect timing, right before Morgan became certified, Miss Rhea (left) showed up in a big way and joined the healing herd.


This method has changed Morgan from the inside out and allowed her to become her most authentic self. By working through her own unfinished business, she has sat where her clients will sit and felt what her clients will feel. The transformation that the Equine Gestalt Coaching Method can provide is unlike any other therapy or coaching model Morgan has ever experienced.

Morgan is grateful everyday for the opportunities that this business has allowed her. She feels blessed to spend her life helping people free themselves from past trauma, and she invites anyone and everyone to come out to Barn Door Beginnings and open the door to discover their authentic selves.

I am your guide on your journey to wholeness.

I have always had a passion for the mental health field. I completed my Masters in Counseling in 2007, however it was not until I found Touched by Horse® that I found my true place in the field. This intense certification program enabled me to find an effective method to change the lives of my clients. Being a military wife myself, I know firsthand the struggles unique to military and first responders, and it was no question I would make it my mission to provide them a safe environment to heal.

– Morgan

You’re in the right place if:

  • you ever feel like no one understands your unique struggles.
  • you love and support someone struggling with PTSD.
  • you live with someone in the military or a first responder.
  • you have past trauma.
  • you want to learn about yourself and how you function in this world.
  • you want to live a life of response vs. reaction.

What you can expect:

  • confidentialty
  • a better understanding of you and your actions
  • one of a kind coaching from horses
  • cleansing of past trauma
  • feeling seen and heard
  • a feeling of empowerment through finding your own answers

Meet My Healing Herd

My healing herd consists of two amazing mares.  Trixie was my first partner.  She is an Arabian, and though she is small she is mighty!  She loves to pull negativity from her clients and will keep you honest.  Rhea is a black and white paint and has immense compassion.  She excells at energy work and loves to support and cheer on her clients.  I am blessed to have found the amazing partners I have (though I actually think they found me), and I can not wait to show the world the healing power of equus!

Morgan’s creativity and rooted presence helps clients blossom fully into their unique, beautiful selves with authenticity. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to discover their power within.

– Jenny, KY

I appreciate how present and aware Morgan is while working with clients. I felt seen and heard due to her presence.

– Lori, OH

Morgan has changed my way of thinking in a way that countless have previously tried and failed. She is compassionate and kind. She understands people and their needs/wants. I always feel amazingly content after spending time with Morgan.

– Jane, CT

Morgan and her horse, Trixie, are calm, compassionate and intuitive coaches. Morgan and Trixie helped me look at a fear/belief that has been holding me back in life, and replace it with an empowering belief in myself and my abilities that will serve me in life.

– Margery, CO